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Dietetics and anti-aging medicine

Tailored diet

It isn’t necessary to be overweight to start a diet; according to the classification given by BMI, it may happen to be in normal weight and have a disharmonic distribution of fat. Read More >>

Food intolerance

EAV GOLD TEST: much more than a test for food intolerances

The EAV GOLD test is the basis of bioenergetic medicine. It consists of the union of the principles of Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture, with the new discovers of quantum medicine and biocybernetics. Read More >>


Mesotherapy or intradermotherapy

It is a series of localized intradermal microinjections of a drug or a homeopathic remedy. Tiny needles are used in order to focus the medication only where necessary, to avoid the presence of injected substance into the general circulation

Biomarkers of aging

Evaluation of biomarkers of aging and modulation with diet and nutraceuticals

Biomarkers are substances present in blood serum or in other body fluids and tissues. their recognition can be an indicator of “aging”.... Read More >>

icona_omeopatiaHomeopathy – homotoxicology

Our diseases and homotoxicology H.H. Reckeweg, homeopathy-homotoxicology, homotoxicology, homotoxins

Our diseases and homotoxicology. Comparing the body to a car, you could say that the symptom of an illness is a light that turns on, just as it happens in a car. But when the oil light comes on, no one would ever think to remove the light bulb for not seeing the problem and continue to travel.... Read More >>

Body composition analysis

Body composition analysis

The impedance analysis provides to know “of what our body is made of”. It studies some physical variables of our body like: RZ Resistance, Reactance XC and Phase Angle AP, by providing in few seconds the percentage of Fat Mass, Lean Mass, Active Tissue Mass (active component of Lean Mass that metabolizes oxygen), ... Read More >>

DNA Test

Genomic Test: Anticipating the future starting from the present.

The transition from the “medicine of disease” to “Preventative and Predictive Medicine” is set up as a sort of “Copernican revolution” of the science of human health. In .... Read More >>